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1927 Founded Japan's first industrial chromium plating factory, Toyo Chrome Inc., through investment by the late Kiichiro Toyoda (founder of Toyota Motors Corporation) and the cooperation of the founder of Kamitsu Industries, Tsutomu Furuichi.
The management of the company was entrusted to the late Shuji Furuichi who began chromium plating processes.
1933 Built Yodogawa plant in Osaka-City, Osaka.
1944 Established Toyo Emery (Currently Tokushu Giken Co., Ltd.)
1949 Reorganized into Tokushu Kika Kogyo Co., Ltd., taking over a portion of the business handled by Toyo Emery Co. Established the plant in Osaka and the branch in Tokyo.
Developed and started to manufacture/market a high-speed mixer, the T.K. HOMO MIXER.
1950 Established the Tokyo Headquarters.
1967 Built Mukogawa plant in Amagasaki-City, Hyogo.
1971 Completed construction of the Yodogawa plant.
1974 Increased capital to ¥80,190,000.
1981 Completed construction of the Saitama plant.
1986 Entered into joint technical development with Sine Pumps, N.V.
1990 Established the Nagoya Headquarters.
1992 Signed agreement with Inetevep, S.A. (Venezuela) for exclusive rights to manufacture Orimulsion emulsifying mixers.
1994 Honored by selection of T.K. ROBOMIX as a Good Design Product by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan).
1998 Received ISO9001 certification.
Honored by selection of T.K. FILMIX as a Good Design Product.
2002 T.K. FILMIX was awarded the "Prize of the President of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association", a nation-wide award for innovation.
2003 Received ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2004 Establish Shanghai T.K. PRIMIX in Anting Jiading, Shanghai.
2005 Established Seoul Office.
On November 21, 2005, the Tokushu Kika Kogyo name changed to PRIMIX Corporation.
2008 Received ISO14001:2004 certification.
2010 Recipient of the 2009 Kansai Quality Award Selection of the Prize Winning Organization.
Recipient of the Osaka Monozukuri Superior Company Prize 2010 of the Best Company Prize.
Received ISO14001:2008 certification.
2012 Buhler AG (Switzerland) and PRIMIX Corporation sign exclusive coop-eration agreement in field of lithium ion batteries.
Establish PRIMIX/YUNSUNG Corporation in Gyeonggi-Do, Korea.
2013 Established the Osaka Headquarters.
2015 Transfer to sign pump business to Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group.
Relocate the Headquarters and Plant to Awaji-city, Hyogo.
Established the Saitama Base.
2016 PRIMIX Headquarters/Plant Receives the Kinki New Office Award.
2017 90th anniversary of founding.
Selected as a regional future leader company of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2019 Completed construction of the Second plant.
2020 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.
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