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November 2005
Hisashi Furuichi
President and C.E.O.

We were recently pleased to announce in a mailing to our stakeholders the company name change from Tokushu Kika Kogyo to PRIMIX Corporation.

As president of the company, it is part of my duties to pursue constant improvement in management and as a result of those efforts, I thought it was necessary to implement a new management philosophy in keeping with a new generation and the demands that go along with it. I felt that part of that new philosophy had to include restructuring of our brand to represent a renewed vitality and strengthening of our core business. Although these are constant, daily goals, we need to improve the quality of management step-by-step in order to implement objectives that are of value in achieving the vision and can be closely translated into the right activities.

This goal of improvement is at the basis of our 3-Year Mid-Term Operations Plan entitled "RESET," meaning to "restart" or refresh and is in timing with the change in company name. RESET stands for Re-Engineering operations for Sustainability and Enhancing Teamwork, taken from the first letter of those words. "Re-Engineering operations" can be thought of as a "restructuring" or "reviewing" of how we have done our business in the past to grow from a "going concern" of intermittent growth to one of "sustainability" or lasting consistency in growth. "Enhancing Teamwork" is the necessary, all-important human resource working together as a strong team, developing and learning through cross-functional activities to improve, rebuild, restructure, or as we will call it, "RESET" our business.

As the company name changes, so has the nature of the company. Something that we hope will become obvious to all stakeholders is leadership without becoming victim to inertia or resting on our laurels. We would like to thank our many business partners and associates who have been an important part of our 57-year history under the Tokushu Kika Kogyo name, and we look forward to continuing doing business with you with a new vision as PRIMIX Corporation.

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