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Recipient of the 2009 Kansai Quality Award
Selection of the Prize Winning Organization (First Award)

January 2010
PRIMIX Corporation

What is the Kansai Quality Award ?

The mission behind this award is to “usher Kansai corporations onto a the worldwide stage of superior management systems.” It was established by the Kansai Productivity Center (Chair: Kiyoshi Otsubo) in 2004 as a means of recognizing superior organizations to be upheld as a model for innovative performance in organizational management, particularly in CS (customer satisfaction) and the ES (dynamism and energy driven by Employee Satisfaction) that directly supports CS.

The principles and framework for improving the quality of organizational management were developed into a more systematic approach in the mid 1990s, led by the Japan Center for Socio-Economic Development based on the solid results of the Malcolm Balderidge National Quality Award in the US in the 1980s. Now with a central office in Tokyo and 22 regional offices, the Japan Quality Council is working to edify all branches toward the same philosophy and methods, and has established awards at 15 of those regions.

In reality, there are many corporations, public agencies, and schools at which this philosophy of improving management quality now plays a central role in helping them recognize favorable outcomes. The framework of the award can be divided into 8 categories.

Eight Categories
1. Management leadership qualities
2. Social responsibility inherent in organizational management
3. Comprehension of, and response to, the customer and the market
4. Strategic planning and development
5. Improvement of individual and organizational capabilities
6. Value creation process for the customer
7. Information management
8. Specific outcomes of activities

In fiscal 2009, the award, which previously had three levels, was combined into one "Kansai Quality Award."
A consolation prize was also established to recognize an organization that exhibits the level of management quality worthy of the Award and is actively involved in improving the quality of its management systems.

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