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Announcing the launch of our new product "TERECORTAR"

February 2020
PRIMIX Corporation

PRIMIX is pleased to announce sales of the new blade unit TERECORTAR (main body: Labolution).

  • The new offering combines the strong flow properties of LEVIASTAR with the superior dispersion capability of the HOMOGENIZING DISPER for the ability to mix highly viscous material at high speed to gain excellent results.
  • The mixer pulls in the powder well and is able to impart great force to disperse clumps, making it possible to feed powder material in a short time.
    Applications: Dissolution of highly viscous thickeners (CMC 2%, Carbomer 2%), etc.
  • With the same strong dispersion force as the HOMOGENIZING DISPER, the TERECORTAR makes processing of highly viscous material possible.
    Applications: Dispersion of high-viscosity carbon black, etc. (reference viscosity - 10,000cP)
  • Blade can be used with each type of mixer.
TERECORTAR (main body: Labolution)

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