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Beginning the New Midterm Business Plan

May 2009
Hisashi Furuichi
President and C.E.O.

The previous Midterm Business Plan started on November 21, 2005 and ended approximately 3 years and 4 months later on March 31, 2009. The reason for extra 4 months was because of a change in the accounting period, which caused the Midterm Business Plan to be that much longer. The last Business Plan was titled "RESET" and began with a change to the company name, which provided the impetus to completely rethink our business model. The central aim of the plan was to essentially reset our objectives in a positive direction. Thanks to the hard work of PRIMIX employees, the plan proved effective and I was pleased with the results.

The new Midterm Business began April 1 and will be the same as the other plans at 3 years in length. However, from our current starting point in the middle of a major global financial crisis, it is very difficult to project 3 years ahead. Yet we cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by these challenges. We must look at this as an opportunity to tap into those underlying basic strengths and resources in order to realize the goals of this Plan.

Therefore, The new Midterm Business Plan was named, "Think" with a subtitle, "Your way to excellence." The basic concept suggests that we must always be cognizant (thinking) of what we do and how we do it contributes to the building an excellent company. "Think" also involves thinking from the following perspectives:
1) The customer
2) Satisfaction of employees
3) Strengthening of our brand
With the above three concepts in addition to overall optimizing our thought, we are aiming to develop and enhance our organizational strength. We will outline the 5 major objectives for the 3 years of the Plan and develop a strategic road map to achieve those objectives, which will become part of our Strategic Management Plan. Then each department and section will use their own strategic roadmap and balanced scorecard to set and manage their metrics based on the overall PRIMIX strategic roadmap. This provides the direction in which to "think" and know what do so the company can achieve the overall objectives.

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