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New Mid-term Business Plan "CHANGE"

June 2015
Hisashi Furuichi
President and C.E.O.


PRIMIX's mid-term business plan, MOVE, started 2012 and ended in 2014. This year is the start of our new three-year plan which is slated for completion in 2017. In August of 2015, we executed a plan to move our manufacturing operations which gave us an opportunity reexamine our organization structure, business systems, and our overall operations. This new environment provided the ideal backdrop to "change" in a manner that would make PRIMIX business and operations more effective and efficient. This change provided the theme to our new mid-term business plan, entitled, "CHANGE." The Lego building blocks used in the design of our posters signifies the fitting together, joining and connections that can be made between business units and departments in order to create a synergistic and cross-functional dynamism conducive to interesting and innovative results. Further, Lego is impressive as a company that has been successful in their marketing and brand strategy. In 2004, sales at LEGO was around 156 billion yen but between 1998 and 2004, the company ran a deficit in 4 years during that time frame and had become somewhat stagnant. Since 2004, with the new president at the helm, the company was no longer tied to past methods and means which had brought the company thus far. They rethought their supply chain and moved their marketing strategy from a "one-person play thing" to "a competiting product". In 2014, sales tripled from the level of 10 years ago and reached 540 billion. They also increased operating profit to 168 billion yen, which was over the total sales of 10 years ago, by working hard to make substantial improvements in their management. With this idea in mind, we adopted this design to demonstrate that like Lego, PRIMIX is free of preconceived ideas and stereotypes, and can be an organization of change and evolution.

In the midterm business plan, "CHANGE," we will use a method called "5-way positioning" in which we determine five strengths with which to address our competition. Of those 5 strengths, we pick the top two which will maximize our competitive advantage and then refocus our activities around those two aspects. However, we cannot lose sight of the other three aspects which must be maintained and fostered as well. By working toward improving and strengthening the top 2 aspects of our business from the 5-point positioning method, and working to further clarify activites that allow us to bring a peace of mind, trust, surprise and innovation to our customers, PRIMIX will continue to grow well into the future. A corporate culture that makes this possible--one that fosters rich and innovative ideas free from fixed mindsets--requires a substantial training program for employees.
In a business strategy meeting with top management, executives determined that "solid product concept" and "empathy" were our top two concepts.

Top 1 Solid Product Concept
As a manufacturer of equipment, we believe the most important role we can fulfill to our customers is to deliver a product that meets their specifications, while delivering reliable performance consistently and better than anyone else, and with a high level of durability. We aim to deliver value to our customers so that even if our prices are higher, our customer will feel that they get the absolute best value, which comes with high quality manufactured equipment, installation and maintenance. In order to achieve this product concept, we want employees from all departments to keep this idea first and foremost in mind as they perform work, striving toward the best, and playing second fiddle to no one.

Top 2 Empathy
With regard to empathy, we want customers to bring their mixing problems to us because we understand dispersion. When PRIMIX employees take the initiative to solve our customers' problems with an attitude of honesty and integrity, we not only gain their trust but we can truly empathize with their challenges. With very thorough ABC activities at the new PRIMIX headquarters and plant in Awaji, we are confident customers will feel that with such a clean, organized, and disciplined plant, they can be rest assured that we can deliver the highest quality and value.

I am looking forward to the next three years, a period of time free from a fixed mindset and a time of CHANGE--changing ourselves, our ideas, our actions and finally our future. We look forward to the continued understanding and cooperation of all PRIMIX stakeholders as we embark on this very new and important step in our history, beginning with CHANGE.

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