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New Mid-term Business Plan "WEAVE"

June 2018
Hisashi Furuichi
President and C.E.O.

In the mid-term management plan CHANGE, from 2015 to 2017, the main theme was “change”--changing thoughts, actions, ourselves and the future without preconceived notions. In August of 2015, we relocated our company headquarters to its current location and updated our current operations facility in Saitama. We also added many new employees and our workforce stands at 227 as of March. Our moving of headquarters to Awajishima brought us significant media exposure, including a total of 103 interview requests and 5 television appearances. We also saw an increase on website traffic of 4 times beyond previous figures. People have shown interest in PRIMIX activities, and the total of visitors to the company other than customers over a period of three years was 2,506. This is evidence that our outbound marketing activities have been successful in the CHANGE mid-term management plan, allowing us to enhance our brand value around the world.
However, although Sales increased, we also were not quite as successful in reducing customer claims and quality issues, and continued to cause problems for our customer. Under the new mid-term plan, we will attempt to address the underlying causes that contribute to customer issues, in particular, we will address communication obstacles such as the idea that “saying something won’t change it” and as a result people have a tendency to give up. Toward those efforts, we are planning and incorporating a circular organization model in order to build an organization conducive to positive outcomes and activities.

組織の質 In the organizational model, there is a “good cycle” and “bad cycle”, with Quality of Relationships, Quality of Thoughts, Quality of Actions, and Quality of Results being the key drivers toward a stronger organization. In the “bad cycle”, the focus is on results and people try to improve Quality of Results. However, when the focus is on results, other areas suffer when results are negative. Conflict arises, managers issue directives which contribute to poor Quality of Relationships, people lose motivation and shift to a passive mode of work. On the other hand, a “good cycle” begins with Quality of Relationships. Increasing the Quality of Relationships deepens mutual understanding, respect and the ability to think as a team. In this environment, people naturally feel more motivated as well as understand their role in a team and take more interest which contributes to Quality of Thoughts. If a person has more interest, he or she is more likely to think creativity and take initiative, which directly contributes to Quality of Actions. The final result is that “Quality of Results” improves along with better outcomes and relationships, feeding into further improvements in Quality of Relationships.

WEAVE The Quality of Relationships is something that each and every employee creates by mutual recognition of themselves and each other, and by incorporating ideas and opinions as a team. The main focus in the midterm management plan in the next three years with be on “Quality of Relationships” toward building a stronger organization and brand together as a team. Therefore, we have put forth the concept of WEAVE for the next midterm business plan going forward for 2018 to 2020. Over the next three years, I sincerely hope that together we can rebuild and strengthen the corporate culture of PRIMIX based on the idea that “WEAVING” together the ideas, concepts and thoughts of our employees leads to creative, powerful solutions toward the quality of our organization and business. I sincerely appreciate the understanding, cooperation and efforts of all our stakeholders.
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