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BBQ site completed !

December 2019
Hisashi Furuichi
President and C.E.O.

The long-awaited BBQ site and car wash space have been completed at our headquarters! BBQ site was designed by OHArchitecture. After having reviewed and changed the design many times to find low-budget, high-value, cool additions to the 2nd phase plant expansion, I finally arrived at the BBQ site and car wash, five months after completion of the 2nd plant, and unfortunately, a little late for summer. f ^ _ ^;

After review and study, we decided on a building that is mostly just roof, using weather-resistant steel (corten steel). When corten steel is left bare in the atmosphere, it rusts like ordinary steel but forms a protective layer from the action of alloys in the metal, and then rusts no further. Also, as the years go by, the color changes and eventually it darkens. It is often used for outdoor art objects. This corten steel is fixed with high-pressure bolts that are strong enough to support the roof by itself. The kitchen counter at the BBQ site is equipped with a refrigerator under the floor, an ice machine, and an ice cooler. The BBQ grill is the highest grade made by Broil King in Canada. There is also a working teppanyaki grill of the same grade as a hotel steakhouse with a steel plate thickness of 20 mm, perfect for cooking okonomiyaki and yakisoba.

The car wash space is equipped with Makita's high pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, water-purifying device, and air compressor. The space is also equipped with excellent sound equipment from Jato Inc. for festival hall-type sound. The terrace is outfitted with an outdoor heater like I saw at a Dubai restaurant, and which gives a romantic, cozy feeling to cool summer nights. To block the sun, a star-shaped tent can be installed. The star-shaped sharp design compliments the corten steel, triangular roof. Because it is a company facility, employees are required to use it with for company events, but I hope it adds to the employee satisfaction, making people proud to work at PRIMIX which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

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