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Announcing the LEVIASTAR

January 2017
PRIMIX Corporation

PRIMIX is pleased to announce the debut of the newest member in our product lineup, a batch-type, high-speed mixer LEVIASTAR (main body: Labolution) going on sale January of 2017.

  • Makes dispersion and blending of highly viscous material possible.
  • The multi-layered, S-shaped blades have a combined action that contributes to efficient fluid dynamics of the material and foam being processed.
  • The material is pulled up in the axial direction and discharged in the radial direction for superior mixing performance and overall uniform results.
  • The mixing action is especially effective in thoroughly blending material that rises to the surface or precipitates to the bottom.

  • Chemicals : Resins, pigment slurry, ceramic slurry
  • Cosmetics : Creams, shampoo, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals : Ointment, topical creams, etc.
  • Food : Dressing, mayonnaise, jam
Leviastar ( main body: Labolution®)

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