Corporate policy


PRIMIX will place customer satisfaction at the highest priority for companies that create high value-added products and be the best partner for solving problems related to mixing.

PRIMIX Mission

To contribute to society by advancing the technologies of each industry from the field of advanced fluid processing technology.


By striving toward the growth of the PRIMIX brand, the abilities of each individual are drawn out and collectively become the company’s power. For this power to gain the customers’ trust and continue to be needed by society is our raison d’être.


We, PRIMIX Employees, promise:
-To cooperate together to achieve goals, work efficiently and always strictly adhere to rules and deadlines.
-To proactively address problems and changes we discover, conveying a sense of reliability, trustworthiness, surprise, and impressiveness to our customers.
-To respect the thoughts and ideas of others by actively listening in a manner that is open and free of preconceptions.

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